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I welcome you to the community.

Read about the blog and its story in the About section.

The Star Posts

These are the posts that have been the readers’ favorites.

  1. Life Lessons from a Rose
  2. 101 Most Inspiring Quotes of All Time
  3. How to Never Miss a Blog Post Again
  4. 100 Small Ideas for a Majestic Life

My Favorites

These posts are the one I have poured my heart and soul into and have found the most satisfaction writing.

  1. Rest: A Forgotten Life Necessity
  2. 7 Ways to Always Give Your Best

CLR Free Challenges

At CLR, I have a special challenge each month for my readers that can help us grow together. Something that facilitates my desire of learning something from everyone I encounter. And something that facilitates my readers to go through a process of personality development too.

You can know more about the challenges and find about the requirements here.


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