The 7 Principles of Giving + July Giving Challenge

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive away hate, only love can do that.”

After the amazing response to the June gratitude challenge, CLR is back with its July Challenge. The Challenge this time is to inculcate a feeling of giving in our everyday life. It is aptly named “Get going with Giving” Challenge.

Join our challenge

Join our challenge


We live the best expression of ourselves when we give in greater proportion than what we receive. When we give we not just help the other person but we also make ourselves happy.

I have often seen people want to give. But they struggle to do so because of the way they approach the concept of giving. There are many lies associated with it which prevent us from doing the task. See if any of them has ever put your efforts to a stop?

1) Giving takes a lot of time. And I am genuinely busy.

You must always strive to give what you have. For example if you are a doctor you can give away some free consultations to poor children every month. It won’t be a burden on your time and it will immensely benefit the people you help. Giving doesn’t necessarily have to include clothes and books. It just needs small things given or services delivered with love. We will discuss more on this on Day 1 of our challenge.

2) I must always give to poor people.

This is what we mostly think about giving. Although it is really nice to help the disadvantaged sections of the society, some giving to normal people around you won’t hurt either. In fact, it will make you stronger and a better person. We will discuss more on this on Day 2 of our challenge.

3) Giving only includes old clothes and broken cookies.

Once upon a time, a couple decided to bake cookies. The cookies turned out nice. There was just one problem. Some of them were broken. So the boy told the girl that they must give the broken cookies to homeless people they see on the street every day. “That is okay”, the girl replied, “but don’t you think we must give them a cookie along with the crumbs? They are the ones who most need hope in their life.”

The above story sums it up. Giving includes the old books, the worn out clothes but also things that signify hope.

4) I will give after I have plenty.

This is hands down the most common lie that holds people back from giving. If you think that you can give only after you have a lot of money, forget about giving altogether. Because you never ever will have enough money. Instead find out how you can help people? It may be without giving away money. You can volunteer to teach people for a whole year just like I did. But the fact remains that you must give beginning now, not wait for some miraculous day when you start earning enough to give.

5) Giving has to be materialistic in nature. And I am not rich.

People appreciate it when you give them money, clothes and gifts but that doesn’t mean they are the only things they want. Sometimes all a person needs is a friendly ear and a cup of tea. Sometimes you can make a stranger’s day just by passing a smile. Sometimes you can take some children out to play and notice how pleased they are by your gesture.

“Give away what a person needs not what you think he wants. “ – CLR

We will discuss more on this on Day 5 of our challenge.

6) I will give only to others.

Giving is an art. It includes not just the help you can do to others but also all the help you could do to yourself. You need to be a champion as much for yourself as for others. This acts as a fairly awesome self-esteem builder. We will discuss more on this on Day 6 of our challenge.

7) Receiving the kindness is for others, not for me.

You can never really know about the power of giving until you receive something from someone and are able to heartily accept it. Sometimes, we become so comfortable in helping others but cringe at the mere thought of receiving help. This is unhealthy behavior. You never go out and demand help from someone but you won’t be a needy or a weak person of you accept someone’s kindness a day or two. The experience will motivate you to move forward and be more perceptive towards life. We will discuss more on this on Day 7 of our challenge.


The seven principles of giving are as follows:

1. Give what you have.
2. Give to everyone.
3. Give as if your life depends on it.
4. Give before you receive.
5. Give them a smile.
6. Give to yourself.
7. Be okay with receiving too.

Answered below are some questions related to the challenge.

When does the challenge start? When does it end?

The challenge starts this Thursday i.e. July 17, 2014. It is a 7 day challenge and ends on Wednesday July 23, 2014.

Why should I join the challenge?

You should join the challenge because you are awesome and so is giving and helping people.

How can I join the challenge?

Joining the challenge is easy. You just have to fill this form and you are ready to go. You will receive email updates for each day’s task and a Facebook accountability group to support you in the journey further.(The link will be emailed to the address you provide a day before the event starts.)

What do you think about the challenge? Any thing in particular you want us to incorporate in the challenge? Share your views in the comments section.

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