100 Small Ideas for a Majestic Life

1. Get up at 5 am.
2. Meditate.
3. Learn from everything.
4. Learn from everyone.
5. Read “The 4 hour workweek”.
6. Help others.
7. Talk to your friends.
8. Give someone a surprise gift.
9. Exercise.
10. Write.
11. Take risks.
12. Sell something.
13. Be comfortable with not being comfortable.
14. Be assertive.
15. Agree to disagree.
16. Limit distractions.
17. Learn to speed read.
18. Learn investing.
19. Save first, spend later.
20. Give before you spend.
21. Learn to manage money.
22. Do something for your country.
23. Do something for poor.
24. Do something for yourself.
25. Think positive thoughts.26. Embrace non-perfectionism.
27. Learn to accept an apology.
28. Say sorry.
29. Say thank you.
30. Say Congratulations.
31. Make 3 very very very very good friends.
32. Talk to God.
33. Listen to Him.
34. Make time to learn.
35. Create rather than consume.
36. Take a walk.
37. Learn about your partner.
38. Make a happy life.
39. Learn swimming.
40. Read “The 7 habits of highly effective people”.
41. Meet like-minded people.
42. Meet people who are different from you.
43. Seek a mentor.
44. Make 2 more friends.
45. Start a journal.
46. Plan your day.
47. Plan your week.
48. Plan your year.
49. Keep space for surprises.
50. Read about minimalism.

51. Be vulnerable.
52. Read “ZenHabits”.
53. Be insane (sometimes)
54. Eat less food.
55. Smile.
56. Be grateful.
57. Watch less TV.
58. Spend 5 minutes with yourself daily.
59. Cook something.
60. Read “The Road Less Travelled”.
61. Say “I love you” to your parents.
62. Find people who inspire you.
63. Find your purpose.
64. Volunteer for a NGO.
65. Spread goodness.
66. Stop engaging in mindless gossip.
67. Know your strengths.
68. Work on them each day.
69. Read “Live Your Legend”
70. Forgive.
71. Ask.
72. Say no.
73. Make a life not a living.
74. Be a leader.
75. Be a mentor.
76. Mess things up.
77. DO all you want to.
78. Make a bucket list.
79. Get coached.
80. Be kind.
81. Talent is overrated. Believe in practice.
82. Read something you don’t like.
83. Read “Sophie’s world”.
84. Run a marathon.
85. Spend a few minutes every day with someone below 6 or above 60 years of age.
86. Don’t hate anyone.
87. Focus on the small things. They make up 99% of your life.
88. Don’t do anything just because you have to. Find something you love.
89. Travel alone once.
90. Get out of your comfort zone.
91. Believe in yourself.
92. Dance. Sing. Even if you are not good at it.
93. Believe in your ideas.
94. Build your willpower.
95. Meet people smarter than you.
96. Accept help and love.
97. Let people learn. Don’t try to give someone else’s exam.
98. Make people laugh.
99. Be spiritual.
100. Live 100%.

What are some of the small ideas that can spark a revolution? Share in the comments below.

P.S. – Our June Gratitude Challenge is going on full force. Participants have already started noticing the benefits. You can know more about our FREE challenge here. 😀


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