7 Ways to Always Give Your Best

I still remember that day. As a part of my volunteership with a program that required us to teach people employability skills, I(along with my friends) had to go for a community mobilization session wherein we were required to convince people to join our program which would give them better employability skills for free. It was a sunny and humid October afternoon. The area that was given to us belonged to a poor neighborhood. People there did not have jobs. But, to join a program that would require as much commitment as this one was something they were not willing to go for. Just imagine, you are jobless AND poor. Someone comes along and offers you a program custom-made for you, offering you employability skills and a job fair also. You would be crazy not to take it right? That is what we thought.


Although we began with great enthusiasm but gradually it declined. Eventually, it dwindled to a point that most of us were tired and approached the task in a very bad mood. There was a girl Sonali with us who was still trying to educate people about the benefits of the program and that too with the same zeal we all started with. I was curious and also perplexed by the way she could maintain her enthusiasm even though most of us had quit well before the quitting time. So I asked her. Her answer was very simple yet very profound. She said, “As long as I am here and giving it one half of my entire day, I might as well do it with all the energy I have. At least I will impact some people.” She then told me to give my 100% in everything I do. Such a simple strategy helped her approach everything in a positive manner.

Wherever you are, be all there. ~ Jim Elliot

There are many scientifically proved reasons why giving 100% is significant.

1. It keeps you full of energy.

Whenever you give your best to something, you are always pumping with energy, energy to complete the task elegantly. Whenever you are full of energy, your productivity sky rockets. And so does your individual contribution to the task. You are able to give so much more than even your very best.

2. It keeps you happy and contented.

If you know you have given your best and probably could not have done any more than you actually did, it gives you a sense of contentment and satisfaction. You do not over think the thing. And you will probably do even much better the next time.

3. It keeps you in the now.

Whenever you fully concentrate on the task at hand, you will rarely find yourself drifting to the past or the future. You will actually be able to live in the now.

4. It inspires others to do their best.

When Sonali did her best to convince people to join our program, she inspired all of us others as well. The best part is that we inspired the other group to give their best as well. And who knows, they might have inspired yet another group of people.

If you give your best, you might just inspire hundreds of other people. Imagine the awesome ripple effects created to inspire the world.

If you do your best, there is no failure.

There are a lot of ways in which you can give your best in any situation.

1) Live in the moment.

If you are truly living in the now, you are not thinking about the past or future, not even about the thing you are going to do after reading this post. Only then, you will be able to give your best to the very thing you want to achieve.

2) Do what you love.

If you are pursuing your passion, you are motivated to do your best. It will automatically feed into your focus, concentration and will. If you are doing a task you do not necessarily like, ask yourself why you are doing it. Chances are that you will find a reason that will inspire you to give yourself over to the task.

3) Rest.

It is always a better idea to work for short periods without much interruption. Some people like to work for 50 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes. Others prefer working for 90 minutes and then resting for 10. Experiment and find out what works best for you. Also, take some rest time once a month and schedule some time off after each major task. It is important to rejuvenate yourself so that you can go to the next task without loss of energy or enthusiasm.

4) Don’t be scared of failure.

This is an important one. Most of the times we are so frightened of doing a task wrong that we don’t even start doing it, find a way to delay it or if we come along to doing it, we do it only half-heartedly. The next time you feel afraid to try, challenge yourself and give it your best shot. You will do much better than you anticipated.

5) Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Always be eager to learn. Always be eager to achieve. If you don’t have goals already, start making goals and start the process of getting uncomfortable. Be sure to add on some goals that stretch you out of your comfort zone. If you don’t have something to achieve, then you don’t have anything to get excited about and you don’t have anything to give your best to.

6) Have a good attitude.

Always having a negative attitude about things prevents you from achieving them. A bad attitude single-handedly has the power to damage your entire world. Do not underestimate the power of a positive attitude towards life.

Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes. ~ Zig Ziglar

Challenge yourself to find one positive about the worst thing that has happened to you each day.

7) Stop giving 100% to what you don’t want.

If you want to give your best to one task, you will have to say “NO” to many others. In order to achieve the highest you are capable of, you would have to say no to things that do not serve your best self. Get selective and focus on a few.


Will you give your best today?


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